Welcome to Vivari Philippines!
Welcome to Vivari Philippines!

About Us

 “Vivari” is a sanitary ware company registered and operating in the Philippines. An expert in producing state of the art Italian technology and design sanitary product, exports premium and quality items in Europe and United States.  This brand, synonymous with luxurious design, quality, and innovation are the result of creativity and passion of the Founders to understand the trend and the growing needs of clients in the sanitary ware industry.

The company understands that all projects are different and has its own unique set of specifications. Thus, a group of experts and designers together with the sales and support team was arranged to satisfy the evolving need of the clients in every sector of the market, whether a newly-built or refurbishment. It is combining and bringing in the excellence of the latest cutting edge technology and the traditional Italian craftsmanship, where the center for premium and authentic bathroom solutions is.

Vivari products have been meeting and often exceeding the requirement in all applications. Looking at the future with continually changing process and product innovations that involve the integration of different competencies, from theory to application, design to technicality, and the type of materials to logistics.

Vivari has been able to get the trust and respect of the industry. Understanding the need of the customers and providing the right solutions led the institution to obtain affirmative consents from the market that made them different from the competition.

Providing the comfort and indulgence to your personal spaces with a wide range of product line, and continuing to bring in more creations that promote affordable, convenient and luxurious living in today’s generations and the future– an elegance that is built to last!


Vision: To be the leading Bathroom Solutions provider in the Philippines.

Mission: To delight customers and promote a happy living.


Our Values

  • Loyalty to the Stakeholders
  • Humility and Integrity
  • Highest level of service for customer satisfaction
  • Institutionalizing innovation
  • Teamwork