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Welcome to Vivari Philippines!
Modena Nero
Modena Nero

Modena Nero

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Smart Toilet

Color Black Seat Cover

Polypropylene (PP) seat cover

5.5 Liters Per Flush

S-trap, 300 mm

Toilet Fittings Included

With flange, heavy-duty angle valve & flexible hose, remote control & back up battery


•Foot sensor capability- Open and close the seat and cover without touching it
•Wireless Remote Control- Promotes convenience and hygiene
•Electronic Bidet -an individually adjustable wand with self-cleaning function
•Multi-functional Electronic Bidet- Can be adjusted for female & child use
Heated Seat-provides warmth & comfort
•Adjustable Thermo - Adjustable heat temperature for seat, Electronic Bidet & air dryer
•Comfort Spray- Large droplets of water, richly dense, give a luxurious sense of comfort
•Warm dryer- Equipped with a dryer for convenience
•Night light- Decreasing light use or brightness; helps to go back to sleep better
•Rimless- Hygienic & easy to clean
•Siphonic Flush- For quite flush & comfort
•Quiet Close Seat- smooth closing action
•Antibacterial Glazed- Hygienic ceramic surface

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